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The laptop display is not bright, do how?

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  • Laptop display is not bright, this is one of my friends told me, she said that the computer starts, after a period of time, hear the sound of the into the system, but the screen is not bright.

    Test the computer first:

    1, on the other monitor plugged into laptop VGA interface, can see, if show, means that in addition to the screen of the other hardware are no problem; If you don't show that to see if there are any good, try again;

    2, then step 1, look have function key set, namely the Fn + F (or other key), is mainly used to switch the machine screen and external screen; (check your computer to the Internet first switch key is which one)

    3, through the above two steps, there will be a two kind of situations:

    (1), a display no problem, other hardware has a problem, at this moment, we are about to open notebook, a hardware hardware to test, method is to remove the plug in again, such as memory with gold finger had better use the eraser brush a brush again.

    (2), display a question: is the computer to work properly, but it is not bright. At this time, if is a problem of signal lines, we can try the following test method, slowly turn the display, up and down side, side screen, look have showed that if you don't show when displayed when, that row line no good or broken.

    The above is the most simple way to test, you can to try it for yourself. For I say to you out of the situation, my judgment is more than 95% line problem, because the screen is not too easy to bad. And heard the sound of a into the system, it shows that other hardware is normal, these hardware such as CPU, memory, hard drive, power supply, as long as there is a problem, get in the system.

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