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What is the effective means to increase website traffic?

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  • How to improve the traffic? What is the effective means to increase website traffic? Website traffic tens of thousands of, is the dream of every webmaster friends. But, the dream to dream, but traffic is couldn't get on. Want to broken head also can not find a shortcut, the feeling is always not the law! Due to a lack of independent website operation experience, to breakthrough the bottleneck in fact would not be difficult, make reasonable plan and plan can be easily reached thousands of IP. I will give you the plan below to share, and you need to do is take out three hours a day to carry out the plan is ok! If you have more time, of course, can get better results!

    1, 1 hour time to enrich the content of the blog! 

    In the blog just to establish content is certainly very little, but also can't suddenly added hundreds of articles, even can do nothing much! Blog this particular form of site structure, is to constantly update regularly, you can slowly attract the attention of everyone! Can draw lessons from some successful at the start of the way and skills, the proper combined with their own summary, make oneself of the blog can be enriched in a certain time! Spend one hour every day to keep updated blog regularly!

    2, 30 minutes for heavyweight post stuff!

    Spend half an hour every day looking for a hot topic, and looking for material for this topic and the information, to ensure the accuracy of data in this article, readability, and quality. For a week out one or two heavyweight post, this is the soul of the blog, is also a broader exposure to your blog's capital, this article will increase your blog's professional, readability. And can make your blog more widespread exposure, rapidly improve the audience, and can quickly increase the external links blog, realize weight ascension!

    3, 30 minutes to promote the heavyweight blog blog!

    Now many can contribute website and BBS, and news media sites, this time is the time for you to heavyweight post, put him into the major community website, news source site, the webmaster site, BBS station etc. Don't forget to add a link to their own articles, attract more people to visit your web site, to share and improve their own blog itself external links!

    4, 30 minutes to answer the question

    To answer all sorts of problems within the scope of your ability to Internet users, the name of the signed their own blog, constantly enhance the influence of the independent blog in the Internet, netizens in recognition of your enthusiasm and pay, they will take the initiative to communicating with you through relevant keywords to search your blog for you, that makes aeriform in enhanced the influence of their own blog!

    5, 30 minutes bloggers interact!

    Net interaction early in your site is accumulated flow is best the fastest the most direct way, no matter what your website have collected by search engine network marketing training, no matter how much the content of your site has, you can leave a message through the interactions between blog and weibo forwarding etc. Get some of the early primitive flow, the flow actually have a vital role for the growth of the blog, because in you tell us more about your personal independent blog launched, also told fellow bloggers in the later days you will be constantly updated and share some professional knowledge and content, this is you the most primitive customer base!

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