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    How to write the SEM advertisement title?

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      How to write the SEM advertisement title? Now, more and more SEM promotionenterprise attention, how to show more essence of information in limited space,so as to achieve better promotion effect? There really is a knowledge. On this issue, many businesses always want to promote information, adding the brightestpoint, the most popular preferences, together to fill the SEM advertising limited space, this work? In addition, the netizens, reading SEM advertising in want to what? What are the key factors driving him to click and choose? What can attract their attention? This is related to the advertising headlines. Then, SEM advertising title should be how to write in order to achieve the best effect?

      Tip one: a title length control in 20-30 words, both users reading experience andthe best promotion effect

      The title is too long to fall, the netizen't capture the core idea, the focus is not prominent; the title is too short, to convey to the amount of information and limited ability to Internet users, Internet users click action has declined, so the length of the title, try to control in writing between 20 words 30 words, thenInternet users can consider reading experience and promotion effect, win-win yo~

      Tip two: the title of the content should be added "essence", and give users more abundant information

      In addition to write the title "company name", but also to join the other keyinformation description. If you just write "company name", effective informationusers receive less, especially in the popularity of the website is not high, itssearch results click rate low popularization, promotion effect is poor. Such as,"learn English preferred * * * *, N years of brand history, verify the successful experience of teaching achievements" such title, than just write "English preferred* * * *" title do good effect (specify, for example in information security, to specificenterprises, the same below)

      Tip three: effective punctuate the long title, quickly grasp the netizen attention

      A number of studies have shown that, long text is not conducive to the Internet users to read and understand, readability, and SEM advertising characteristics is the use of Internet users over a few seconds, highlight the advantages of information, quickly caught the attention of Internet users, to encourage clickeffect. Therefore, more than 19 words of the title, read 3 - 4 times, click rate is high, good effect (such as commas, spaces, dashes, and so on symbols, such aspunctuation): "* * website celebrates 2 anniversary sale value will be the audience free shipping 2 Zheqi sale", the headline read some eat force.

      Tip four: before the subject title after modification and description, seems tofocus more clearly

      Creative title, first write the subject, after using delimited, write to modify adjectives content, it highlights. Among them, subject, try to control in 10 Chinese characters within, and to stick out a mile, easy to distinguish, for example: "* *website -- brand name fashion discount nets, the 2 fold" such title, key is clear;on the contrary, if the first write modified content, will be no outstanding theme,such as "not see the whitening is defective now: * * whitening series".

      Tip five: business class titled "discount", quality information, can attract more attention

      The study found, the search of electronic commerce industry information, Internet users showed unique characteristics, are very concerned about product quality,price, reputation, comments and other information, so the SEM creative title,should meet the characteristics of Internet users search this information when the title, contains "discount", "price", "quality" class "words type, help the promotioneffect.

      Tip six: the title to avoid exaggeration, reflected a sense of security, let users rest assured

      The title don't write too exaggerated, empty, exaggeration, not specific, leading tothe click rate is low, the transformation effect will be affected. The study found:low creative click rate, "the use of hyperbole" rate is high; the high rate of thecreative, "the use of hyperbole" rate is low (such as "hyperbole", "best effect","through the test, the best", "rapid efficacy" etc.)

      Tip seven: use the Internet users easy to accept the language, let the titlestraightaway

      Title to write simple and easy to read, study found that creative titled "cannot read", "is a quality suggestive of poetry or painting," not good "obscure"information, click rate is low, poor effect: such as: "dragon door, Jiuding honor setQuaker", "top private butler family have similar views," etc. readingcomprehension, will not have the feeling.



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