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Beginners must see ten basic knowledge of SEO

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  • 1 what is the SEO

    1.1. called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is referred to as the search engine optimization.

    1.2.SEO is the study of how the various search engines crawl the web pages andfiles, and the search engine ranking rules, to the optimization of the relevantWebpage, make its have more content to be indexed by search engines, and obtain a search engine on the left a higher ranking for different keywords, so as to improve the site traffic, enhance the site's ability to sell and the propaganda effect.

    2 SEO by what Webpage grab

    Search engine robots (also known as the spider web spider Webpage) through the link to find Webpage, from the site of a page (usually home), read Webpagecontent, find other links in the Webpage address in, then look through these links to address the next Webpage, so the cycle continues, until the Webpage are crawling up. If the entire Internet as a web site, the spider can use this principle tothe Internet all the Webpage have crawled down.

    3 what good grab page

    The recent discovery of search engine more and grasp ability to * * page more strong, now the ability to search engine spiders to dynamic pages and static page as the basic treatment. But the static page advantage is obvious, dynamicpage access speed is less method and static pages, if your server is slow, it is best to use a static web site. The search engine is not particularly friendly todynamic pages, dynamic pages contain special symbols, search spider is difficult to cross these symbols to jump to the page, so we all like static page.

    4.Seo's work is divided into 5 steps

    1 keyword analysis

    2 reverse link < Webpage A with a link to the Webpage B, is Webpage links on Ais a reverse link Webpage B. >

    The 3 internal links

    4 internal web site optimization

    5 Links -- Links refers to put each other each other sites in your website link.

    5 what is the sandbox effect

    New sites in the few months Google just online is very difficult to have good rankings, even no ranking. This phenomenon we call: Sandbox- sandbox effect.

    A new web site, even if SEO has been done well optimized: related content rich,high quality external links, site URL search engine friendly, user experiencefriendly site structure. But in just a few months on the line, in the Google almost impossible to find a good ranking.

    6 what is the white hat SEO and heimao

    White hat SEO, is a fair approach, SEO is the mainstream search engineoptimization method used in line with the policy issue. White hat SEO industry has been considered to be the best SEO practices, it is to avoid all risks of operationcondition, but also to avoid the issue with the search engine principle of occurrence of any conflict, it is also SEOER practitioners of the highestoccupation moral standard.

    7 what is the target keywords

    7.1. through the analysis to determine the site "flagship" keywords, generally speaking, the website product and service may be used to search the keywords

    7.2.heimaoseo is a cheating means, heimaoseo techniques do not accord withthe mainstream search engine policy issue. HeimaoSEO main characteristics of profit is quick, in order to short-term interests of the cheating method. At the same time at any time because the search engine algorithm changes and face punishment.

    8 what is the long tail keywords

    The site of non target keywords but also can bring search volume keywords,called the long tail keywords. For example: Hua Gang SEO education -YY freelearning SEO

    9 what is the seoxxx

    What is XXX? XXX is through the establishment of a large number of externalconnection, anchor text (link text) for all keywords. The site forced up the rankings

    10 what is the PR value

    The PR value called the PageRank (Webpage level), the founder of LarryPagefrom Google. It is Google ranking algorithm (ranking formula) part of Google, is a method used to identify Webpage level / importance, is an important standardGoogle is used to measure a site good or bad. After a Title such as identification and Keywords identification and all other factors, Google through PageRank to adjust the results, so that those who more "level / importance" of the Webpage let the site in the search results rankings promoted, so as to improve the quality andrelevance of the search results.

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