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How to do outside the chain?

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With the continuous adjustment of the search engine algorithm, the chain is more and more difficult to do, many in the industry webmaster friends have complain to high heaven, high silver blog has been in the construction of the chain spent much effort, in this blog also has issued relevant personal achievements, todayto share with you my work experience in the classification of information recently,hope to be able to help! So, how to pass classified information web site to do the chain? Here, have a look.

Massage the stovepipe

One, give you one one introduced several large classified information network.

1, the 58 city: as classified information network of domestic lead, 58 city but has aBaidu weight 9 PR7, Google amazing achievement. But high silver blog feel 58 city collected is not the same type of website of the best, but this does not affectour choice of 58 city as the chain construction.

2, people network: although in Baidu weight and Google PR performance,network people slightly inferior to the 58 city, but if you want to compare includedspeed, classification and information network network people absolute victory over all! But in the release of information constraints, information network peopleuser can publish location in the registry, it would be difficult to carry out large-scale chain.

3, Ganji: "Ganji, everything", advertising language across various electronicmedia of a few years ago, visible Ganji in electronic media advertising is under the foot of the effort, money burning out the site, is a very good both in the user interface or the operating system.

4, list of network: founded in 2007 July list, although less than in front of three large site is better, but this does not affect the high silver blog like the user interface, simple and generous, simple and quick release information, believe that every SEO optimization friends will be on the production.

In fact, there are a few very good classification and information network, but because of space issues, high silver blog here is not in one one count, but after two weeks of exploration efforts, high silver blog has developed a total of 10included classified information web site good.

Two, talk about personal views on the classification of information network.

If what the chain is easy to do, the first reaction of many people is basically forum signature files, do BBS signature is the most easy to use, but with the adjustment of the algorithm and each big forum to strengthen the signature file management,the development prospects of the forum outside the chain is not optimistic.

If the forum signature chain really abandoned by the times, then classified information network is likely to become the most easy to do the chain, registered users only need a mobile phone number, and as long as the content is not illegalnot illegal, basically is to pass the audit. But the real number of classified information network of the chain is not much, so we have to really grasp the opportunity.

Finally, this time to share the high silver blogs do classification information netsoutside chain experience, hope you can really go to practice, practice, SEO optimization is often used in military training!

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