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    Taobao guest how can easily earn 5000 month?

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      Recently, many owners are worried: Taobao guest is more and more difficult to do; Baidu on Taobao customer pressure, has not stopped; web traffic is less and less...... But why do some Taobao guest is still smiling, is also small, is also apersonal business, is also a time limited, are subject to the same Baidu pressure,they are still easily earn 5000 month, or even tens of thousands, is this why?Why can they be snatched from the jaws of death? Why others not to make money while they are still on earn basin full earthen bowl? Here, have a look totheir interpretation: Tao how can easily earn 5000 month?

      Tao guest how to easily earn 5000 month?

      1, do website SEO is definitely the first.

      This is the vital point, no matter how Baidu to suppress Taobao guest, as a webmaster, should always to do his own website for office, not the day the thoughts on Baidu weight and included, but the static under heart to run their own website, your website into a user experience that is good website. SEOtechnology has been updated continuously, can be said to be the daily change in the Baidu, because the search engine rules have changed. But one thing will never change, that is "the user experience of the website". The so-called user experience: first, 1 users into the site can also be felt, no uncomfortable feeling, it is best to have a certain impact; 2, must have the needs of user content,preferably somewhere else for a long time have not found the content, this is the key; 3, net station must have interactive functions, such as message boards,comments, if you can, you can also add some activities, Q & a section to increase website viscosity. In addition, also do a good job of the website links and internallinks, this is not to say. In short, in a word, do not cater to Baidu for the purpose,to cater to the user experience as the final goal, because to cater to the user experience, to cater to the Baidu.

      2, updated daily articles, best is original, attract spider.

      A long time not update the web content, will make Baidu engine on your siteformation of lazy, because your laziness, Baidu spider would not often to your siteto crawl. We can do, is to constantly update our site article, said our websiteevery day new things, every day there is a fresh thing, spider like humans, like the new pressure of old, something new is a fresh thing they like best, has freshyour site every day, it will be a day to your site come over to visit.

      3, through the relevant forum to do propaganda -- attract precise flow.

      This is the money out of the ordinary in the tao. Indeed, by Baidu want to get traffic, it is a bit difficult, when you do the above 2 aspects, Baidu flow is still very small, then how should do? The cat station is how to do? The answer is: to therelevant forums to attract flow. For example, you are doing beauty website, yourwebsite advertising is beauty, then, you will find some weight high gas Wangbeauty forum to do publicity, because this kind of beauty forum, the user is nothing more than 3: looking for beauty, beauty released information information(quasi user), irrigation water, for example, if the flow of people in this forum every day is 300000, and finding beauty information only accounted for 10%, so users also have 30000, if our publicity posts in the home even in the top 3, so what?Even if the quasi user only 10% (or 3000) click the empty posts, and 10% of the people on your website, then 300 people will go to your website, this is a veryimpressive figures, more important is they are relevant to the needs of users withOh, from the Baidu to users with great distinction. If that day, only 10% of thepeople through the site advertising your Taobao formed into buying behavior,then what? The income that is generated in the imperceptibly. Now, know why some guest in Baidu strike case lost, while others pours? Note: the post in the forum, not in a flagrant way to send advertising post, it will immediately be prettydeleted, serious, will delete your account or even shielding your IP, so, in theBBS promotion, to do and not exposed, implicit and not hidden, this needs you topatiently and persistently to do.

      Tao guest how to easily earn 5000 month? Through the above 3 aspects of efforts, believe that your site does not earn money all difficult. Do a website, can not always rely on Baidu, but to all aspects to do promotion. A place not, I willchange a place promotion, here without shelter, own shelter. Sometimes "poorwater re doubt no way", but then may "There is a way out". Finally, I wish everywebmaster friends can make the horse in a basin full earthen bowl!



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