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PHP array (two): the filter function

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The filter function array_filler (PHP) in array applications will often encounter, thefunction of a callback function to filter the elements in the array, if the customfilter function returns true, the values in the array are operation will be included in the returned results in an array, and the results form a new array. If the originalarray is an associative array, keys are preserved. Below, we have a look togetherhow to use this filter function.

Syntax structure: array_filler (array, function) where array is required, providedthe input arrays. Function must, name of the custom function. The followingexample:

function odd($v){return ($v%2==0);




Results: Array ([one] = 6 [3] = 22 [4] = > 98) in 6 and 22, 98 divided by 2 is 0.

If the function in the application does not call the callback function parameters,then, the function will remove the array of all equivalent to the elements of the false, as the following example:

function odd($v){return ($v%2==0);




Results: Array ([one] = 6 [0] = > -1 [1] = > Hao [3] = > 22) the original array of false, null, 0 are equivalent to false, so these are removed filter.

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