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How to enter the coupon code Godaddy latest interface

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  • Godaddy interface, shortly before the revision, so some users trouble,especially where the input codes for this problem. Here to tell you the latest Godaddy interface where input discount codes.

    1, do not use the coupon code case 1, the product was added to the shopping cart, this is without a doubt, there is no detailed description of how the productwas added to the shopping cart.

    2, as shown in the following figure, this is the shopping cart page interface, and then decline, we in the commodity price place (note not the right price, is in the middle position), you can see a "Have a Promo Code", translated into Chinese is"have a coupon code", click on the Ju Yingwen




    3, in the text input box shows the enter your coupon code, and then click on the"Apply" button behind the application codes.




    Two, has used the coupon code

    1, if you have used the discount code, can not see the "Have a Promo Code", but we can see the following a string of green English, "Promo code CJC32NP wassuccessfully applied", "CJC32NP" here is my current use discount code, if youare using other discount codes shown here is, other discount code information.

    Then click on the bottom of the "Remove" can remove the current use coupon code.




    2, after the removal of "Have a Promo Code will display", after the steps and notuse the coupon code case, here is not to write a detailed.



    Although the Godaddy interface changes frequently, but in fact his operation orsimilar, familiar with or can be very easy to complete our operational requirements.

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