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Ssmay theme Settings (4) : the home page pictures set (wp-thumbnails plug-in)

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Ssmay Network Home is very beautiful, especially the left center of the photo gallery shows, that whole page looks very comfortable, this picture is how to achieve it?
It's simple, just need a plugin to do this. This plugin is WP-thumbnails, this plugin with powerful image processing capabilities. But the concern is, do not search the plug-in by background plug-in, based on my testing, search plugin is not working properly, do not know why. The download below is WP-thumbnails I've been using the plugin, you can use it to handle Home pictures, otherwise, an error occurs.

wp-thumbnails plug-in download addresshttp://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=318447&uk=2570325966

After installing the plugin, to set up this plugin into the background:
Home Photo Gallery random picture settings (as picture)

Follow the Red parameter to set up reach Ssmay network effects. At the same time, shown here is the first picture of this article, so the first picture look as much as possible, the width and height of the picture as much as possible according to the ratio of 3:4 to design or deformed, affects artisticly.
Important: once it is set, we would like to in the background setting Home Articles displays how many of each category (such as display 5), then these categories we have to post at least 5 articles, otherwise there will be dislocation in the following figure.


Every times article also, it is best to add images, there will be slide show. There is a net friend, no pictures in the article, the results page no slide show, can send qq asked me, why don't you show pictures? I was in distress situation. Where are you haven't pictures, also shows. I hope you don't appear this kind of circumstance.

Pictures show the sidebar (pictured above), is the most popular image Settings (pictured)

Also want to set according to the above parameters, of course, if you have been familiar with this plug-in, can be set according to their own needs. And the lower part of the article page related pictures is set in the related images set, according to the need to set ourselves.

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