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Ssmay theme Settings (3) : the home page AD picture Settings

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Placement advertising is one of our website is one of the most important objective, how like us when placing your advertising pictures?

Here, Ssmay theme developers would have to think it over, you the power of this theme and the background of one here - it integrates the function of this one set, to weave the dream is very similar, can easily implement just set in the background.

Appearance - > ssmay advertising theme Settings - > Advertising set (pictured)


To choose the Display (Display), then the red code part code and link into their own images, is ok. Don't modify the width and height.

Advertising can be divided into front page ads, on the left side of the middle and lower the head, the sidebar 3 ads, classification and the article page. You can according to their own needs to set their own ads. There are no pop-up ads and couplets, these you can use JS code to achieve. This topic in order to help SEO, so there is no set these two advertisements.

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