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    Ssmay theme settings (2): WHAT’S HOT how to set

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      This place is to pass the code to change, however, is also very simple, open the background, appearance - > edit (The following figure) :



      And then in the background on the right side of the template file found in the slider. PHP click open, and found the following code(The following figure):


      Picture the winning red ID Numbers are articles classification, put them into a you need to display the classification of the ID of the home page, here will show you website click on one of the most popular articles. Of course, need to install the WP - PostViews plug-in. Each category at least six articles, and want to every article has been viewed 1 time, in order to as when the us open.

      , also met some new friends asked: "excuse me, WHAT 'S HOT after the following headings - 5 views of how to get rid of?" , this can be set in the WP - PostViews plug-in, carefully study the plug-in yourself, there is not much.



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