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Multi language WordPress CMS theme: Ssmay theme

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Ssmay theme WordPress theme is a multilingual CMS, Home layout, very user friendly, visually strong regret, very powerful, operation is very simple, basic layout only needs an entire website in the background could complete, let you have a WordPress can achieve a small local portal Web sites, even if you are just a beginning.

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Ssmay theme:

1, The overall theme to pink - tone, of course, this can modify the CSS to become your own like color, hue with a good view, feel very comfortable.

2, A strong background in function, the layout of the page entirely by the background can be 99% complete, need not to modify the code, say 99% complete, why not 100%? This is because, before use, to small change in some parts of the link, to address the URL you can, otherwise, you and not for others to do.

3, The Ssmay theme with super awesome bannar slide show function, like Sina,Sohu and other mainstream media like the slide, breaking the traditional textoriented pattern, visual impact and the user experience is in place. The slide setare simple and flexible, can be set to the top article display, you can also specify a classification of the article shows, can also be set into a popular articles show,so, you can make their own most want to show the display in front of the mostconspicuous position.

4, Advertising layout is in place, no need to modify the source code, can be directly modified in the background you can. And let it show and does not displaya choice between, very flexible. The first page of a 6 advertisement position: topleft lower advertising, advertising, the middle left lower advertising, sidebar,according to their own needs to set.

5, Color label, that label is no longer monotonous, rich color content.

6, The classification of the display is very flexible, then only need to move the mouse can be completed, want which classified display let which classification,and the layout is very reasonable, and the left column advertising organic combination of user experience, first-class.

7, Site TOP posts, a large portal, visual effect is very good, the latest articles,recommended the side, so that the entire layout more humane.

8, The Ssmay theme is powerful, only 2 plug-in can make it display one's skill to the full, a plug-in is wp-thumbnails.zip image thumbnail plugin, the pictures are required to use this plugin; another is wp-postviews.zip popular articles plugin,the TOP article will use this plugin.

Of course, the Ssmay theme is far more than these, you can further to excavateit. Ssmay is the WordPress I've seen Chinese CMS theme of the most let meHeartbeat theme, because of its visual effect is really very good, with some large CMS mainstream programs not what two, and the operation is much simpler thanthey. So, I think, if you want to be a small portal with WordPress, Ssmay theme is definitely your first choice.


1, The slide, to set the articles will normally display;

2, CMS portal display and blog mode can be switched to each other.

3, The middle image sets, need plugin: wp-thumbnails.zip or download the latest version of http://pan.baidu.com/share/link? Shareid=318447&uk=2570325966,do not use plug-in to search, full of errors, the version I provide you can display.

4, The CMS model also install a statistics plug-in  wp_postviews  plug-in, and enable settings.

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